Is This Free?


Yes its free and Unlimited!


How i can Add Links?


Just Signup on Biolinkz and you will be redirected to Dashboard where

you can Add ,Edit or Delete Your Links.


How i Can Edit my Profile?


When You login Just click on Profile Setting and you can Edit Your



How To Get Verfied Tick On My Biolinkz Profile?


If You want Verified Tick on your Biolinkz Profile You Need Minimum 5 Points in Your Biolinkz Account


How i Can Get 5 Points in My Biolinkz Account ?


Go to Store Section Select 5 and Pay 5€ Through Paypal or Credit card

(Stripe) After Payment You will Get 5 Points in Your Account.


What if i Need Help?


You can Send us an Email- admin@biolinkz.com